Monday, May 20, 2013

what the????

My last post was December??? I suppose I have been very busy lets go for a monthly wrap
 Stretch passed away, he had cancer and I think he handled it all well.
Shock of the year Nigel passed away, even now Dave has not gotten over this it has really hit him hard, Poor Debbie and the kids. No words can describe it.
Sarahs wedding- two funerals and a wedding in two days. I made the dress and as I always do I left the dress to the last minute it went together perfectly she looked lovely, unfortunatly with the funerals there was not as much beading as was planned.
Mum is in hospital after breaking her hip in a fall
What happened in February? not sure
Had a Flaschengeist party, the most beautiful liqueurs and oils what a great party plan
Dave finally decided to do something about his sore shoulder, muscle tear only one bit of muscle there
Well we went to the surgeon about his shoulder and Dave hated him instantly well maybe not instantly it took a few words, you have to give up smoking, were the words and Daves blinkers and ear muffs went on How dare he tell me I have to give up!!!
My birthday, well my inlaws sent me lovely cards and lotteries, they didn't win though, Grant sent me a bottle of wine and a voucher for flowers, my other two? zilch, not even happy birthday till late late late, Dave bought me a Louis Vuiton bag and thats it for the year apparently, But I got a lovely arrangement of flowers from, Olga at work and choccies, to say I was surprised would be an understatement, they were gorgeous.
Well Mothers Day was a bit of a downer, I am not Daves mum and so he does nothing But he didn't ring his mum till late so he is a bad son, like mine. I got a text from Grant, Brad couldn't work the day before because he had to get my present , still haven't got it. I know I shouldn't just be thinking of presents but just the fact that they ignored me hurts a lot and I am a bit depressed by it