Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Friday

yay I have this weekend off and the next 2 as well. This one is my normal weekend off and next weekend is the babies christening so I have it off as well.
This weekend is packed as usual, Brads football tomorrow morning, taje's birthday at lunch and then Pink on saturday night. Sunday is Daves birthday so off to the club with him.
we have to fit in some grocery shopping there somewhere too.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

my 2 days off are almost over

what have I done? not much sat here for a lot of it.
My farm is looking good though.
The house is almost clean, the ironing will be done in the morning what is left of it anyway.
I went into Wollongong this morning and spotlight is sad, not much there at all hardly any scrapbooking stuff.
The Janome shop is closing, they suck anyway.
My friend Nicole has some exciting news.... go for it Nicole you will be a great success I am sure

We have a busy week coming up. It is Skyes birthday tomorrow, Taje's on saturday and yes Dave is doing the cooking for it. Sarah and I are off to see Pink on saturday night and it is DAves birthday on sunday.
Oh and Brad's team is playing in the semi finals on saturday

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Poor Lucy!!!!!!!!

When I fed the guinea pigs last night I musn't have shut their door properly and Lucy got out!
When I took the boys to school Kelly was outside.. strange we thought. When I had my breakfast Kelly wasn't standing there looking starved.. strange I thought. So I called her and called her she cam in with a black muzzle and legs, she had been digging.... Kelly doesn't dig she got into a lot of trouble when she was a pup for digging and she just doesn't do it.
So I went out to see where she had been digging and it was under the wood box all 3 sides.. then I saw the door of the guinea pig cage.. OH NO!!!!!!
Nibbles was safe inside but not Poor Lucy.
So I got the torch and looked underneath and there she was but I couldn't tell if she was breathing, and I had to keep Kelly away. so I rang Grant and he came over to help and we got her out safe and sound. Poor thing was terrified

since then I have cleaned the oven and bathroom, hate cleaning the oven

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday here already

well we think we have found out what is wrong with my car... yay finally. Seems we need to get a genuine Toyota water pump instead of the cheaper one that we have. Can't wait cause the alternative was to trade the car and let someone else have the problem, which isn't nice or fair and I would have sleepless nights waiting for the knock on the door from some angry person with a boiling Camry.

On sunday afternoon while I was taking Shane to work I saw 3 Japanese Uni students crossing the highway one of them carrying a tv, a convertable was approaching them formn the other direction then WHAm the students jumped back???
the guys in the car had a blow up baseball bat that they whacked one of the students with... it was hilarious but they didn't drop the tv..

NO 2
This morning on the way to taking the kids to school there was a man standing at his gate with the flanny checked shirt and denim overalls digging the wax(or corn) from his ear. Very farmtown looking.
we thought it was funny anyway.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Another week gone

Honestly where does the week go? I know I was a bit bored yesterday but onlybecause I was in between picking up Shane and Dave and getting dinner ready and then there was nothing on tv last nightbut please where are my days off going?

I took the boys shopping on Saturday to Miranda Fair south of Sydney north of Wollongong, it is huge!!!!!!!!! we haven't been up there for about & years, yes that is how long we have had no splurging money. Made up for it on Saturday. Both of them got skateboard bits, Rip Curl t-shirts, Shoes (skate shoes at $130 a pop), socks, my boys love getting new socks weird I know, jeans for Brad, silly slogan t-shirt each, Krispy Kremes. All up around $500. happy boys yes, happy bank account no. Happy husband not on your life, him big cranky. Oh well it was my tax return he can spend some of ht next one.....

My niece Sarah and her partner of 7 years announced their engagement on Friday... yay the wedding will be in October next year, Sarah wants to lose weight and i think I might join her, my aim is 1 kilo per month. Might have to borrow some money from Dave and get some walking shoes and get tothe gym. mmmmm not my favourite word but I think itis necessary.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Here I am at Davcves work supposedly to answer the phone, If it rings I will answer it. ThinkI might go shopping on the way home, very soon too.
I am after something special for daves birthday coming up so might go to "Man Torque"the mens gift shop just near here.

Monday, August 3, 2009

another monday

well it is Monday morning, my day off and it is blowing a gale and a very cold gale too. So glad I am staying at home today and keeping warm.
We had a visit from Max and Joel on Saturday, aren't they gorgeous, yes I am biased.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Morning

Well Grant is a media star!!!!
he was on Sunrise and then the local news and a full page in the local paper, hopefully they willend up getting a job from this.
Just waiting for the grandkids and Grant and Renee to come and visit. I need new photos of Max and Joel.