Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's Bathurst Day

here are a few layouts that I did the last couple of days.
U R A Rockstar and Boy are from the September boy kit from scrapbooking stock and the christmas layout if fromthe 12 weeks of christmas competition run bt addicted to craft and scrapbooking stock.

Holden won 1,2,3 red red everywhere.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sarahs engagement and birthday party was great it is sad that we all live so close and don't get together as often as we should. I am talking about my family Ihadn't seen Stuart my gorgeous nephew for almost a year and Matt and Kylie for that long too. I keep up with what they are doing on facebook but it isn't the same. I am just hoping that Sarah got a nice pic of Grant and his cousins, well her in the pic too maybe Skye took a pic.

These are the cards that I made for Sarah

A couple of weeks ago I got to look after Max and Joel. What a joy these two are they are so cute.
Joel was almost crawling he has started to now.
Max was running most of the night after Kelly. Poor Kelly was upset I put Joel to sleep in Brads bed and she couldn't find him she kept sniffing Max and the lounge where Joel had been but she couldn't find him.
We had a great night I forgot how hard it was to hold one baby, watch another and cook tea, luckily Dave was there to cook dinner.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ok it has been a while...

I don't suppose I can say I have been busy cause it has been normal busy, Lazy? maybe.

Karma struck again tonight t work. One of our lovely residents had his daughter visit from Tasmania and she wanted to have dinner with her dad. Fair enough so we asked 2 of the women from his table if they would mind moving to another table for the night. Well they wouldn't but another one did and father and daughter sat at a table which one of their old neighbours sits so it was very nice.
The selfish woman was making smart comments all through dinner and then later had a small fall, straight on her butt. Go Karma!!!!!!!!!

Sarahs engagement and 30th birthday party tomorrow night should be good.

School holidays are here again and Brad has gone down the coast with his friend Ayden and his family. It shall be very quiet without him