Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sarahs engagement and birthday party was great it is sad that we all live so close and don't get together as often as we should. I am talking about my family Ihadn't seen Stuart my gorgeous nephew for almost a year and Matt and Kylie for that long too. I keep up with what they are doing on facebook but it isn't the same. I am just hoping that Sarah got a nice pic of Grant and his cousins, well her in the pic too maybe Skye took a pic.

These are the cards that I made for Sarah

A couple of weeks ago I got to look after Max and Joel. What a joy these two are they are so cute.
Joel was almost crawling he has started to now.
Max was running most of the night after Kelly. Poor Kelly was upset I put Joel to sleep in Brads bed and she couldn't find him she kept sniffing Max and the lounge where Joel had been but she couldn't find him.
We had a great night I forgot how hard it was to hold one baby, watch another and cook tea, luckily Dave was there to cook dinner.

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