Thursday, September 3, 2009

I scrapped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first for a couple of months but I finally got some done. they are very plain I just had to do some.
I had five great days off work, they went far too quick though and then 5 minutes back at work and they had a go at me about something I did 2 weeks ago. The boss had already brought the problem to my attention so I don't know or care why the others had to put their 2 cents worth in.
I am over the place the management couldn't run a candy store that gave the stuff away free.
The shit will hit the fan this morning I am sure we just aren't given enough time to get everyhing done and then the care staff don't help at all in the evening so that puts us further behind. I really do feel for the residents because they are not getting the care that they deserve or are paying for.
rant over

Max and Joels Christening

Sunday the 30th August 2009

Milton Uniting Church

Max and Joel were baptised. Poor Max didn't like it one bit from the time they sat down in the church he was upset. His new words are "ow" heard that a lot, "six", and the letter "d" is a favourite too.

Eric, Mandy and I went and had a cup of coffee and went to Milton lolly shop, yummo.

On the side of the road just before Milton is the old ladies shoe. Renee thinks it might be a nursery... weird.

It was a great afternoon the food was awesome. The drive home was long.