Sunday, December 29, 2013

end of year wrap up

Christmas is over thank goodness, it was a disaster with the grand kids, I didn't even take a photo!
Max did not like his present and cried and cried, I told him his mother said he wanted the city police lego but apparently he didn't. Joel din't like the lollies I had they were too sweet! WTF!!! but they ate them all so they were nicely full of sugar to see Renee's grandparents I hope it went better there.
Next Christmas I will call Max and ask him what he wants cause two years in a row he hasn't been happy with me. Can I see a pattern? is she trying to sabotage my one day of the year that they visit for an hour?
I was so disappointed I couldn't wait for them to leave. It was the first time I had seen them all year they were going to call in a few times but didn't for whatever reasons and now that Grant and Renee have split I think I will see them even less. Never mind
Christmas Day was hectic as always getting food cooked in time to take it to Sarah's Brett's step sister had to go to work so the food needed to be there it was raining, and we were running late. Never mind it got there and was good
I took some pics of the Fuschias with the macro setting they came out very nice indeed