Monday, January 30, 2012

Meal Planning

Monday: Spaghetti Bolognase
Tuesday: Marinated steak and beetroot, feta and baby spinach salad and smashed potatoes.
Wednesday: Chicken Burritos
Thursday: Herb, garlic and lemon lamb chops, corn and carrots and mash
Friday: Sticky Pork and noodles
Saturday : Homemade pizzas
Sunday: Roast Beef and Baked veg
Baking Chocolate banana muffins

Monday, January 23, 2012

What a month

well so far this month I have applied for a new job and I think I have it, I know that I want it but have to wait till tomorrow to find out.
It is a great new challenge working as a diversional therapist, which i will be so good at, at the respite centre at work. i have done the last week as a fill in there and I want the job so bad......
A couple of weeks ago my stars said that I would find out something that I have wanted for a while and i will improve my career, the same day my boss rang me to ask if I would like to fill in at the new position for a couple of weeks. Then the other day my new boss Lisa informed me that I have got into the cert iv leisure and health course and we will have to work my roster around the class days.
Sounds to me like I got the job.

I love it totally different to what I was doing in the kitchen, still serving meals but the clients are happy to be there, they choose to be there and they don't complain, so nice for a change.

Brad is working with his father which is what he wanted to do in the first place so all is good work wise.
Shane will be 18 this week.... where did that time go.

Monday, January 9, 2012

More Journal your Christmas

Day 30
Jan Shanes birthday
Shane got his L's
Australia Day
Back to school
Feb Going to the lake
Joining the gym
Joels birthday
March Greenwel point
April My Birthday
Anzac Day
May Grants birthday
Saw the grandkids
went to the train festival
Kids went and saw Parkway Drive
August Brad doing the bricklaying course and leaving school
Brads birthday
Daves birthday
Leilani being born
Oct Brad getting his wisdom teeth out
Nov Anniversay
Dec Christmas
Max's birthday
day out with the girls
Day 31
Went to the club all dressed up we were going to leave early as I had to work next day OOPS!!!!!
Too much to drink , too much dancing.
Dave was actually dancing with me without me begging him
what a great night

Day 32
my resolutions

I plan to do 100 layouts and make 100 cards, I might even send christmas cards this year it got away from me at the end.
I want to do 2 embroideries and make 2 quilts.
I plan to go to the gym at least 3 times a week even in winter.
I am going to be organised and healthy.
I am going to blog regularly
I am going to try the photo a day

Day 33
I love Christmas
I love remembering when the boys were little and they would wake up so early to get their presents opened.
I love getting together with my family at Christmas
I love that we get to have Max's birthday here just before Christmas
I do like some of the bitching as well hehe
I love all the parties
I love the decorations
I love it all

Day 34
My favourite moment over christmas without a doubt was the look on the little kids faces when they saw the jumping castle for max's birthday party
The moment tha touched me was when Joel grabbed my hand and asked me to go in the bouncy castle with him

Day 35
Do not forget next Christmas to send the cards
Buy a turkey
save some money to buy presents
get Kelly a present
get myself a present

Day 36
Packit all away till the next time

More Journal your Christmas

Day 22
List what still needs to be done

Find dessert recipe
buy ingredients
get pork out of freezer
wash dog
wrap the last few presents
clean house
buy Kelly's present

Day 23
Years ago I made the boys new stockings. shane has Rudolph on his and Brad has santa
Dave and I have velvet ones and Kelly has one too.
We only put presents in the boys ones

Day 24
Why do I like Christmas?
I love giving presents to people, I love shopping for them, why is it that when i am looking for a gift for one person I see the perfect present for someone else.

Day 25
We went to see Skye,Taje Dakota and Dorro nice and ealry before the boys got up because Skye forgot to bring the boys presents over. While we were there Brad got up and rang to see why Santa hadn't been haha
Are we bad parents for not going earlier?
They were both happy with their presents.

Day 26
Back to work, no sales shopping here, Tidy up after yesterday clean out the fridge
Prawns for dinner

Day 27
Slept in till 7!
I have work today but Dave is having a lie in reading the book I got him for Christmas, He has finished it in record time

Day 28
What is it that I love the most about Christmas?
I love giving presents
I love leg ham, even though we have ham every week it is only at christmas thatwe buy a leg ham
I love having Dave home for more than two days
I love lying in bed reading till after 7

Day 29
Took the grandkids car down to them today.
I miss them so much they are so cute
I wish they lived closer

Journal your Christmas

updating this album.
No pages done but the journalling is up to date

Day 19
A letter to Santa
Dear santa I have missed you!
All those years I haven't been ignoring you just the boys have decided they don't want photos anymore, I know it is sad when they grow up but they can't stay small and young forever can they?
Anyway onto me: I would love
a couple of books, reading and cooking
some scrapbooking supplies
some funky shoes, bag and clothes
new pyjamas
a trip to the hairdressers
a nicer camera bag than the very functional one that Dave bought
a new phone (a touch screen one so I can slide my phone like everyone else)
oh and happy, healthy children dog and husband
Love you always

Day 20
Nicole and I send a parcel every year, we have been getting a bit slack on the delivery though
Never mind they will arrive

Day 21
A pic of the house lights

where does the time go

it's already the 9th of January!
have i been sleeping?
Dave and I went out for lunch yesterday to the Dunes restaurant in Wolongong right on the beach, no I didn't take my camera because we had to get Dave some grown up shoes before we went. He decided he couldn't wear joggers or thongs to teh restaurant. hehe about time!
We bought a voucher from one of the discountgroups for a seafood platter for two with a bottle of wine for $59, value $149. It was lovely although with the seafood available here why would a top restaurant buy seafood from other areas, the lobster was not an eastern lobster and it was dry and tough, the rest was delicious.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy 2012

well maybe I am a bit late but Happy New Year to you!
I had a great new years eve, we went to the club only for a while.... hehehe the band was great the vodka was delicious and the dancing was fun. The alarm at 5 the next morning was rude and work dragged on but it was all self inflicted so no complaints.

what are your resolutions for the year ahead? wether they are craft or self related.
I plan to do 100 layouts and make 100 cards, I might even send christmas cards this year it got away from me at the end.
I want to do 2 embroideries and make 2 quilts.
I plan to go to the gym at least 3 times a week even in winter.
I am going to be organised and healthy.
I am going to blog regularly
I am going to try the photo a day

Bad news yesterday Brad lost his job so no apprenticeship for him if he can't find at least 30 hours work a week he will have to go back to school.Stupid boss had work at Jamberoo which would be a 15 minute drive from the railway station, he said he would pick Brad up on the road here then changed his mind and wouldn't tell him who else was working so he couldn't organise a lift. then he said Brad was disrespectful because he asked if his pay would be on time twice, well gee I thought respect was earned. He doesn't know what he has done, workcover will be at his job sites every week now.
Never mind.