Monday, January 9, 2012

More Journal your Christmas

Day 22
List what still needs to be done

Find dessert recipe
buy ingredients
get pork out of freezer
wash dog
wrap the last few presents
clean house
buy Kelly's present

Day 23
Years ago I made the boys new stockings. shane has Rudolph on his and Brad has santa
Dave and I have velvet ones and Kelly has one too.
We only put presents in the boys ones

Day 24
Why do I like Christmas?
I love giving presents to people, I love shopping for them, why is it that when i am looking for a gift for one person I see the perfect present for someone else.

Day 25
We went to see Skye,Taje Dakota and Dorro nice and ealry before the boys got up because Skye forgot to bring the boys presents over. While we were there Brad got up and rang to see why Santa hadn't been haha
Are we bad parents for not going earlier?
They were both happy with their presents.

Day 26
Back to work, no sales shopping here, Tidy up after yesterday clean out the fridge
Prawns for dinner

Day 27
Slept in till 7!
I have work today but Dave is having a lie in reading the book I got him for Christmas, He has finished it in record time

Day 28
What is it that I love the most about Christmas?
I love giving presents
I love leg ham, even though we have ham every week it is only at christmas thatwe buy a leg ham
I love having Dave home for more than two days
I love lying in bed reading till after 7

Day 29
Took the grandkids car down to them today.
I miss them so much they are so cute
I wish they lived closer

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