Monday, January 9, 2012

More Journal your Christmas

Day 30
Jan Shanes birthday
Shane got his L's
Australia Day
Back to school
Feb Going to the lake
Joining the gym
Joels birthday
March Greenwel point
April My Birthday
Anzac Day
May Grants birthday
Saw the grandkids
went to the train festival
Kids went and saw Parkway Drive
August Brad doing the bricklaying course and leaving school
Brads birthday
Daves birthday
Leilani being born
Oct Brad getting his wisdom teeth out
Nov Anniversay
Dec Christmas
Max's birthday
day out with the girls
Day 31
Went to the club all dressed up we were going to leave early as I had to work next day OOPS!!!!!
Too much to drink , too much dancing.
Dave was actually dancing with me without me begging him
what a great night

Day 32
my resolutions

I plan to do 100 layouts and make 100 cards, I might even send christmas cards this year it got away from me at the end.
I want to do 2 embroideries and make 2 quilts.
I plan to go to the gym at least 3 times a week even in winter.
I am going to be organised and healthy.
I am going to blog regularly
I am going to try the photo a day

Day 33
I love Christmas
I love remembering when the boys were little and they would wake up so early to get their presents opened.
I love getting together with my family at Christmas
I love that we get to have Max's birthday here just before Christmas
I do like some of the bitching as well hehe
I love all the parties
I love the decorations
I love it all

Day 34
My favourite moment over christmas without a doubt was the look on the little kids faces when they saw the jumping castle for max's birthday party
The moment tha touched me was when Joel grabbed my hand and asked me to go in the bouncy castle with him

Day 35
Do not forget next Christmas to send the cards
Buy a turkey
save some money to buy presents
get Kelly a present
get myself a present

Day 36
Packit all away till the next time

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