Monday, January 9, 2012

Journal your Christmas

updating this album.
No pages done but the journalling is up to date

Day 19
A letter to Santa
Dear santa I have missed you!
All those years I haven't been ignoring you just the boys have decided they don't want photos anymore, I know it is sad when they grow up but they can't stay small and young forever can they?
Anyway onto me: I would love
a couple of books, reading and cooking
some scrapbooking supplies
some funky shoes, bag and clothes
new pyjamas
a trip to the hairdressers
a nicer camera bag than the very functional one that Dave bought
a new phone (a touch screen one so I can slide my phone like everyone else)
oh and happy, healthy children dog and husband
Love you always

Day 20
Nicole and I send a parcel every year, we have been getting a bit slack on the delivery though
Never mind they will arrive

Day 21
A pic of the house lights

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