Monday, January 23, 2012

What a month

well so far this month I have applied for a new job and I think I have it, I know that I want it but have to wait till tomorrow to find out.
It is a great new challenge working as a diversional therapist, which i will be so good at, at the respite centre at work. i have done the last week as a fill in there and I want the job so bad......
A couple of weeks ago my stars said that I would find out something that I have wanted for a while and i will improve my career, the same day my boss rang me to ask if I would like to fill in at the new position for a couple of weeks. Then the other day my new boss Lisa informed me that I have got into the cert iv leisure and health course and we will have to work my roster around the class days.
Sounds to me like I got the job.

I love it totally different to what I was doing in the kitchen, still serving meals but the clients are happy to be there, they choose to be there and they don't complain, so nice for a change.

Brad is working with his father which is what he wanted to do in the first place so all is good work wise.
Shane will be 18 this week.... where did that time go.

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