Thursday, September 3, 2009

I scrapped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first for a couple of months but I finally got some done. they are very plain I just had to do some.
I had five great days off work, they went far too quick though and then 5 minutes back at work and they had a go at me about something I did 2 weeks ago. The boss had already brought the problem to my attention so I don't know or care why the others had to put their 2 cents worth in.
I am over the place the management couldn't run a candy store that gave the stuff away free.
The shit will hit the fan this morning I am sure we just aren't given enough time to get everyhing done and then the care staff don't help at all in the evening so that puts us further behind. I really do feel for the residents because they are not getting the care that they deserve or are paying for.
rant over

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