Friday, October 2, 2009

Ok it has been a while...

I don't suppose I can say I have been busy cause it has been normal busy, Lazy? maybe.

Karma struck again tonight t work. One of our lovely residents had his daughter visit from Tasmania and she wanted to have dinner with her dad. Fair enough so we asked 2 of the women from his table if they would mind moving to another table for the night. Well they wouldn't but another one did and father and daughter sat at a table which one of their old neighbours sits so it was very nice.
The selfish woman was making smart comments all through dinner and then later had a small fall, straight on her butt. Go Karma!!!!!!!!!

Sarahs engagement and 30th birthday party tomorrow night should be good.

School holidays are here again and Brad has gone down the coast with his friend Ayden and his family. It shall be very quiet without him

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