Thursday, August 13, 2009

Poor Lucy!!!!!!!!

When I fed the guinea pigs last night I musn't have shut their door properly and Lucy got out!
When I took the boys to school Kelly was outside.. strange we thought. When I had my breakfast Kelly wasn't standing there looking starved.. strange I thought. So I called her and called her she cam in with a black muzzle and legs, she had been digging.... Kelly doesn't dig she got into a lot of trouble when she was a pup for digging and she just doesn't do it.
So I went out to see where she had been digging and it was under the wood box all 3 sides.. then I saw the door of the guinea pig cage.. OH NO!!!!!!
Nibbles was safe inside but not Poor Lucy.
So I got the torch and looked underneath and there she was but I couldn't tell if she was breathing, and I had to keep Kelly away. so I rang Grant and he came over to help and we got her out safe and sound. Poor thing was terrified

since then I have cleaned the oven and bathroom, hate cleaning the oven

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