Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday here already

well we think we have found out what is wrong with my car... yay finally. Seems we need to get a genuine Toyota water pump instead of the cheaper one that we have. Can't wait cause the alternative was to trade the car and let someone else have the problem, which isn't nice or fair and I would have sleepless nights waiting for the knock on the door from some angry person with a boiling Camry.

On sunday afternoon while I was taking Shane to work I saw 3 Japanese Uni students crossing the highway one of them carrying a tv, a convertable was approaching them formn the other direction then WHAm the students jumped back???
the guys in the car had a blow up baseball bat that they whacked one of the students with... it was hilarious but they didn't drop the tv..

NO 2
This morning on the way to taking the kids to school there was a man standing at his gate with the flanny checked shirt and denim overalls digging the wax(or corn) from his ear. Very farmtown looking.
we thought it was funny anyway.

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