Monday, August 10, 2009

Another week gone

Honestly where does the week go? I know I was a bit bored yesterday but onlybecause I was in between picking up Shane and Dave and getting dinner ready and then there was nothing on tv last nightbut please where are my days off going?

I took the boys shopping on Saturday to Miranda Fair south of Sydney north of Wollongong, it is huge!!!!!!!!! we haven't been up there for about & years, yes that is how long we have had no splurging money. Made up for it on Saturday. Both of them got skateboard bits, Rip Curl t-shirts, Shoes (skate shoes at $130 a pop), socks, my boys love getting new socks weird I know, jeans for Brad, silly slogan t-shirt each, Krispy Kremes. All up around $500. happy boys yes, happy bank account no. Happy husband not on your life, him big cranky. Oh well it was my tax return he can spend some of ht next one.....

My niece Sarah and her partner of 7 years announced their engagement on Friday... yay the wedding will be in October next year, Sarah wants to lose weight and i think I might join her, my aim is 1 kilo per month. Might have to borrow some money from Dave and get some walking shoes and get tothe gym. mmmmm not my favourite word but I think itis necessary.

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