Tuesday, August 18, 2009

my 2 days off are almost over

what have I done? not much sat here for a lot of it.
My farm is looking good though.
The house is almost clean, the ironing will be done in the morning what is left of it anyway.
I went into Wollongong this morning and spotlight is sad, not much there at all hardly any scrapbooking stuff.
The Janome shop is closing, they suck anyway.
My friend Nicole has some exciting news.... go for it Nicole you will be a great success I am sure

We have a busy week coming up. It is Skyes birthday tomorrow, Taje's on saturday and yes Dave is doing the cooking for it. Sarah and I are off to see Pink on saturday night and it is DAves birthday on sunday.
Oh and Brad's team is playing in the semi finals on saturday

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