Wednesday, December 22, 2010

oops the year is nearly over

I have had my computer fixed and lost my blog address how dumb am I?
it is almost christmas and the year is almost over. where have I been and what have I done?
Well the answer would be pretty much nothing.
I did start and finish my Cert III in aged care , I thorougly enjoyed the study and research part, something I never thought would be my thing, it was great, I am not a dumb arse after all... who knew?

I made all my christmas cards last week, nothing like leaving it to the last minute.
Not much has been happening scrap wise I did 52/100 layouts for the year. Not very happy with that.
I was doing the 365 photos in a year well that pretty much went by the wayside too.
I made 4o/50 cards for the year so not to bad there.
7/25 OTP's not good.

FOR 2011

I plan to scrap at least once a fortnight, every second monday would be good.
I plan to finish 100 layouts
I plan to make 60 cards
I plan to make 25 OTP's
I plan to have a pile of handmade presents by the end of November.
I resolve to be more patient and tolerant of others(even if they are dumb)
I plan to be more organised and tidy

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