Monday, September 12, 2011

more LSNED

I haven't done the pages yet but will get to them

Thursday the 8th I learned not to stress too much while giving Brad a driving lesson! Nothing happened when he went through the stop sign thinking it was a give way. thank goodness.
Friday the 9th I learned that most of my co-workers are narrow minded school children.
Also I think I found our next home, hopefully.
On a brighter note I de-stressed with friends
Saturday the 10th Today I was happy to experience some classic comments from residents
I got a good tip on a horse which hubby bet on and won
I got a new pair of shoes and a newly pierced son
Sunday the 9th I remembered 9/11. I will never get the image of the planes crashing into the towers or the sight of those poor people jumping out of the buildings out of my head.
On a brighter note I learned that my husband is compassionate and caring, rather than making me cook dinner after a very long week he ordered chinese take away.

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