Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today is......

My 20th anniversary.
20 years seems such a long time, but really it has flown by well parts of it anyway.
yes like all couple we have had ups and downs but rode them through. I think we are both similar with a just get on with it attitude although he is way more stubborn than me......
Dave told me the other day that he was still building my present mmmm, furniture? no we don't need anymore unless it is a table for the back verandah, he made me one years ago but we ditched it we are getting a new one sometime. no not a table
Yesterday he said he had forgot it and left it at work... bugger, so after I dropped Brad at work I went to Daves and waited till he got the boys working, moved the bobcat, moved the boat and the forklift... waiting waiting.....
He went up to the office on the way up the stairs he said i won't fit it in my car... well then why is it in the office?
Opened the office and he looked like the cat that got the cream... you can't see it can you ? I was looking all around .... no not a desk chair there are only 2 in the office. He was still haha you can't see it then I looked up and saw the box and a camera bag... woo hoo a Canon EOS 1100 D... I have been hinting ofor one for a few years now.... I just have to learn to use it now.

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