Wednesday, January 7, 2015

welcome back to me

May was the last blog post!
my name is Lianne and I am a bad blogger. I have been on instagram all theti e so no blogging, we'll see if I get better at it this year.

Dave and I got ba k from our new year drive, we went all over the west of NSW first night we stayed at Dunedoo, great pub  wonderful meal ordinary motel. Next we went to Narrabri, great motel, great dining experience, good rsl. We were heading to Wee waa but no motel near the pub or club it was a bit desolate out there. Then we went to Dubbo for the night and saw a friend who was in hospital, good club, great meal good motel. The last night of our trek we were in Yass,  ok  room great pub and excellent meal.
pictures will follow

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