Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good morning it is a grey, wet and a bit cold day here. Never mind the good news is it is state of origin night, game 2. NSW had better get a win or I will be extremely disapointed.

I watched Bondi vet last night and bawled my eyes out, there was a dog that had been hit on the head when it was a pup and had a balance problem, it basically walked like a drunk, but it had been getting worse, it kept rolling. It wasn't distressed I think more embarassed. They did an MRI on the dog and got a neurologist in but nothing could be done (enter loads of tears) so they then took the poor thing to the rehabilitation clinic for animals, I have never heard of one of these, and they made the dog a cart to strap on him so he could walk. Talk about a happy puppy. I was thinking imagine if it was Kelly..... how much did all this cost? the poor puppy. I should not watch these shows. Mind you I cna entertain the boys and husband by watching these types of shows, the commentary is she crying yet? how much is she crying?

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