Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another month has gone by

Where is the year going? Another month gone and I have done nothing... I must admit I am a lot more tired these days and have no motivation at all.
I looked at a new sewing machine yesterday maybe that could motivate me... who knows, I know I won't be getting the machine in the near future.

We are looking at buying a house!!!!!!!!!!! what excitement!!!! I am looking at beautiful new places within walking distance to everything we love, but realistically we are looking at a small 3 bedroom older style house that we will eventually renovate a bit so we have my sewing room and a nice deck/ entertainment area. Dave would like a yard big enough to have a vegie garden, shane would like a granny flat, brad and I want a nice kitchen.

I was about to get ready for work this morning so I got my lunch ready to take grated some cheese over it and grated part of teh tip of my thumb with it...... OUCH!!!!!!!!!! it hasn't stopped throbbing so rang teh boss and said sorry but I cannot come in

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