Friday, October 28, 2011

50 before 50

a list of things I want to do before I turn 50 next april

  1. go on a holiday (even a weekend away would be good)
  2. get a new christmas tree
  3. lose 10 kilos
  4. bake a sponge
  5. do a cooking class
  6. grow coriander, without it going to seed
  7. get a new lounge
  8. buy a painting
  9. do another cross stitch
  10. make a quilt or finish one of the ones half done
  11. go on a roadtrip
  12. go to Ikea
  13. go to Sydney
  14. go to the movies
  15. go out for dinner
  16. go back to the harbourfront
  17. get an e reader
  18. get a digital slr
  19. have a pedicure
  20. apply for and get some DT shifts
  21. learn to drive a manual
  22. start a vegie garden
  23. do a cake decorating class
  24. Have flowers in the house for more than a week
  25. have a housewarming
  26. make 5 christmas presents
  27. make a new pair of pyjamas
  28. fill up my ipod
  29. catch up on the 100 layouts for the year
  30. learn how to download a movie
that is it for today and I can't think of anymore

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