Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pretty Paper Party

Ok I couldn't work out how to get the pretty picture here but I will do the first post

Before we begin the party we were asked to take a pic of our paper stash, well this is only part of mine. The fist one is my scraps, yes sorted into colours and kept in 12 x 12 ziplock bags and also in the second shot is my forst bag of papers. When I started scrapping I bought this file bag and never thought I would fill it..... I looked in it today and no I didn't get rid of any papers but I will not be buying anymore until I use a lot of them.
The 3rd pic is my rolling tote, that got broken in the move recently , it has all my christmas papers and a whole lot of other paper that I need to use up. I did go through this bag this morning and got rid of some that I don't like anymore.

Out in the garage is my work in progress folder and a big pizza bx of Basic Grey page kits as well....
Hello my name is Lianne and I am a paperholic!!!!!!!!!!
I haven't bought any scrap stuff for a few months and I will not be buying anything new other than bazzill and glue and stuff like that until my stash is a lot smaller........

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