Monday, October 10, 2011

I am back

we have moved and are settled in to the new house I have continued the LSNED in my diary so will add them all here

20/My signature is to use flowers and buttons. My signature style would be my handbags and shoes.

21/Today I thought about regrets- I don't have regrets so much as I don't rush into things willy nilly, thogh sometimes my mouth does. I think I am in a good place at the moment so I have no regrets.

22/Spring is the time for new beginnings, which is what we are doing by moving house. I will miss some of my neighbours in Keerong Ave but look forward to making new friends in Thurston Cres.

23/Today I learned not to forget that Dave gets stressed the same as I do.

24/ Today I learned that our friends are great in helping us move, Chris and Skye just kept going with us.

25/ Today I learned that Brad is silly in a good way and very helpful as well.

26/Today Ilearned that my new kitchen is not as big as it looks, although I am down two big cupboards I still need to cull a lot of stuff.

27/ Today I learned that I am a very poor housewife! I will never let any house that I live in get so mucky. Skye and I spent hours scrubbing 8 years of dirt and dust.

28Today I leanred that I am not perfect... well I knew that but I made so many silly mistakes at work today, I survived

29/ Today I learned that I need to leave 5 minutes earlier for work now

30/Today I learned that teeth are very expensive and health funds don't reimburse nearly enough.

1st/ Today I committed myself to stil adding daily entries to my diary and hopefully keep my blog up to date.

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