Thursday, October 31, 2013

weekend away

We had a great time at Greenwell Point last weekend. The weather could have been better the wind was so cold I was so proud of myself getting all my clothes in one bag!!!!!! but then I needed a long sleeve shirt and a lighter jacket , never mind. I think I need to get a couple of cardigans. The company on the weekend was great and a good time was had by all.

I don't have a menu plan for this week its fly by the seat of your pants time.
Last night I made Cauliflower pilaf with Pork steak and pakchoy in hoi sin sauce yummo.
Tonight might be chicken

I have been doing my hexagons and crocheting flowery cushion at home I am hoping to get my sewing machinethis week, I have spent too much at parties in the last couple of weeks so I think my pay is all gone
The pics below are the gorgeous lorikeet I saw in the tree out the back, Shane and Brad taking happy faces LOLthe hungry Pelicans the beautiful sunrises the tree where every morning the cockatoos fly from the island to this tree, the funny little duck chasing the other birds.


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