Tuesday, December 13, 2011

how Exciting

How exciting is the internet?
it really is amazing how close you can be to someone and something via the internet.
What the? has she gone all deep and thoughtful? no don't be afraid I am just excited I won a prize on my new favourite designers blog.
http://www.shimelle.com how excitement.

I must be having good stars the last couple of weeks. I have won 1x stockland $20 gift card. 1x coles myer $20 gift card. 1x Stockland $10 giftcard and now a caroline rose art print.

Oh and by the way I feel like crap, I fell like I have been run over several times by a huge truck. Brad came home last week with what he thought was food poisoning. Then on saturday dave was fishing and got the runs, he kept fishing cause the fish were bighting but spent all the afternoon and night on the lounge. then yesterday I went to work and came home after 1 hour. the cramps are the worst and today I feel a bit squeamish but the muscles in my stomach ar screaming at me.
Brad had his year 10 formal last night, his friend Jazz was stunning all 16 feet of her, arms legs hair and tan that girl. Everyone looked great all dressed up some of these kids we have seen since kinder and they are al growed up now. There were a few characters one in an orange suit with matching top hat and another in yellow. They looked like wiggles in formal attire. I took some pics but couldn't stay for the group shots I was exhausted. The thing now is not just the kids going to the formal but they invite all their mates to come have pics taken with them so with 140 kids and partners and family and friends the place was packed.

The kids had a good night and Brad was voted the biggest bogan of the year.... can you feel how excited I am?????

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