Tuesday, December 20, 2011

more JYC

December 14
We got our christmas present from work a lovely box with some christmas goodies in it.
Last year I gave mine with a bottle of wine to a friends mum, she is working there now so best not give it to her.....
We also got our new uniform finally my shirts were decaying.... it is nice a lot are saying the shirts are like pj's I don't see it myself.

Steve with his bah humbug hat and Dee in the dining room that the nurses decorated

December 15
Who will we see on Christmas Day
well hopefully we will see Grant, Renee, Max and Joel. We will definately see Irene, Bert, Sarah, Brett and little Leilani. Apart from that I have no idea.
We stopped spending the day with the others in the family a couple of years ago, they didn't enjoy it so we just go to Irenes now and have a great day.

December 16.
I am grateful for..........
Healthy children and grandchildren,
I am pleased that I get to spend at least part of Christmas Day with them
I am so happy that Dave and I enjoy each others company and that he tolerates my dumb, weird, selfish family

December 17
I love Christmas shopping for friends and family. I love trying to think what to get each person, sometimes what is in my head as the perfect thing is not in the shops. I really enjoy making things for presents, I only did a couple this year, way too busy.
When I was looking for a present for dave for our anniversary I saw all sorts of ideal presents for others and then when I went looking again nope they weren't there, so hopefully I got some of it right.

December 18
what's for lunch on Christmas day?
I can't remember what Irene and I worked out. I suggested seafood but Irene can't eat shellfis. I think we settled for roast lamb or pork and I will bring the ham as usual. I am making the mixed berry semi freddo. mmmmm yummo

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