Thursday, December 8, 2011

Journal my christmas

thats right another Shimelle Lane class yay!!!!!!!

I missed the first couple of days but I have caught up, hopefully on the weekend while Dave is fishing I will do my pages.
December 1
the tree is up no star or angel yet, iI have changed the colour scheme and don't have anything to suit yet. Look I put lights in the tree too never done that before. We are the first in the street to have lights on , very sad indeed cause we only have one little string of lights in the plant on the porch, more to come though.

My Christmas Manifesto
More happiness in each other, more baking, more chocolate, more roasts, more music, more togetherness, more relaxation, more contentment, more gratitude, more acceptance, more tolerance, more parties, more friends.

December 2
Christmas weather is generally stinking hot but there have been some cooler days and also some wet days. But most memories are of hot hot days with a hot house from all the chickens and turkeys that mum insisted on having for lunch.

December 3
I make cards !
I make Christmas cards, I intend each year to make a few each month but instead I end up having a huge production line day and get them all done.
My intentions are always well meant

December 4
My perfect Christmas!
Grant, Renee, MAx and Joel, Dave, me Shane and Brad, Irene, Bert, Sarah, Brett, Leilani and Bretts kids. A few friends over for the day. The kids would be excited and not fight. We would have time to take Kelly for a swim before everyone gets here, We would have seafood for lunch then leftovers for tea.
I would have time to go to work for the morning shift so the residents would feel loved and the whole day would go for at least 48 hours to fit everything in including a drive down the coast to see Nan.
Happy Happy Joy Joy

December 5
Yesterday I finished my Christmas shopping I think.
I got the last of Nicoles advent calendar presents, each year it gets later and later dear oh dear, I got the toy layby off too. For someone with no small kiddies I have lot of toys under my tree

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