Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Journal my christmas Catch up

December 6
I remember spending Christmas in Forbes in 1984, with Irene and Bert. It was the first time I had ever been away from my family at Christmas.
Irene had their tree in the lounge room and Grant and I had a little tree in our room. Santa was limited that year as he didn't have many places to shop, no Kmart or Big W or even a toyworld in forbes.
We rang home to wish mum a merry Christmas and while we were talking on the phone we could see some kangaroos jumping down the main street. Very funny sight.
Another christmas was the first christmas at Molloy st. I think it was our secnd married. We had very little money. I hired videos and Barrie copied them to give to Dave for a present. All Grant got was a surf t shirt and a super soaker. We filled it with iced water from the esky and squirted him haha.

December 7
We got a surprise present from work today, a giftcard for working well up to and including accreditation week. What a surprise.

December 8
I have almost got every present that I want to get for christmas this year. I just have to get something for Grant and a few little things for Dave, Shane and Brads stockings.

It was so much easier when the kids were smaller and they wanted almost everything in the toy catalogues, Now they don't get christmassy at all.

December 9
When we were young Ern would always come over on Christmas eve and take us for a drive up to Mt Keira or Flagstaff Hill to see the "fairy lights" which was just the street lights in the city as there were no houses decorated then like there is now,. Little did we know that he had brought all santas stash for us and put it on the front verandah and then when we went to bed mum and dad moved it in under the tree....sneaky!!!!

December 10
Gift Wrap- this years paper is silver and blue which I bought after christmas last year, this year the colours I went for on the tree are silver and blue.... who knew

December 11
Christmas Tree oh christmas tree
Last year we didn't bother putting the tree up and I did miss it but the lounge room was so small, this year the tree is up with a few new decorations and a few old ones

December 12
Christmas past
I remember being so excited because Irene and Bert were coming home for christmas.... Irene made Lynne and I some groovy clothes for a present and santa had brought us a huge doll each. Mine with brown hair and Lynnes blonde of course.
I can also remember the stress mum was in getting a roast turkey and chicken dinner with cold ham and all the vegies on the table for lunch in the sweltering heat, every year she sould vow that the next year she was going to the beach for the day but she never did.

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